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Need help on installing jdm fogs

Hey guys I've been trying to get these fogs installed but no luck. Got these off of ebay complete and the guy said that these fit the sedan. I have no clue on how or where to mount them If anyone has a write up or knows how to install them please let me know. These are the fogs that I have. Thanks.


i saw on here somewhere....anyway i think those are for the rear bumper. There are pics on here a few people have posted. You have to cut holes in the bumper to mount them.

If you want front bumper fogs I have seen people cut the bumper in about the same spot and mount them up front

THIS LINK is good --> http://efcivicsedan.myfreeforum.o....html&highlight=bumper+lights

Different lights though......maybe yours are front that case cut the front section out......look at the EFSS pic at the top left of the page and the two cars....thats where they go

HERE IS THE LINK for the fronts!! Forum Index -> Write Ups & Tech Info
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