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Need help of front end

Having problems with the front end of my sedan.I replaced the rack and pinoin tie rods lower ball joints and upper control arms. Car is fine at regular speed but when I hit high speeds the car is all over the road and is hard for me to control. Anyone know what it can be.


Just got it done today after replacing the rack

Did you "get it done" or did you do it yourself? If you got it done, did they give you a print out of the before/after specifications? We have to at the garage I work in.. And if not, go back and ask them. Or more to the point, tell them you want it to be checked in your presence. I can find the print out of where I lined mine up but with both of ours being lowered at different heights my specs wouldn't be relevant to your car.

i put the rack in myself but took it to get alined. i was there when they did it. car did it before thats why i replaced the rack because i taught that was the problem but its not. im going o take it to a shop this week to have them check the front end. the only thing i could think of would be the steering column because i feel the play on the wheel. Forum Index -> Write Ups & Tech Info
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