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need help fixing ecu code 9

Wasn't sure where to put this topic but yeah how do I fix code 9? And yes I have searched. My answers were along the lines of replacing the distributor, check the wiring, or check the timing. So which one is it? Much help is needed cause I need my car back on the road. Thanks in advance.

what are the car's symptoms?

Unless this is on a DOHC ZC, then you will probably be able to clear the error by replacing the distributor.

First check that your timing is 100% though, because that will cause the code if it is off.

Ok thanks. Will let you know how it went after I'm done with it today.

I got a new distributor and that fixed the problem. So no more codes but the car is still running a bit choppy. Not too responsive when I step on the gas. Not sure what it is and I hear like a popping sound while in 3rd gear. Sounds like its from the intake. Any suggestions? I also noticed the pins in the spark plug wires are jammed in the wire, think that might have somethin to do with it?

Thanks in advance.

Did you use a timing light when you installed the new distributor?

Bad distributor cables could cause a lumpy acceleration, but so could a tonne of other things.

well the mechanic checked the cam and distributor timing, said it was all good. but its still backfiring and bogging down. any ideas? even he's stumped.. Confused

Vacuum leak? Map sensor?

hmm.. not sure about the vacuum leak, i checked all the hoses about 3 days ago and only had to replace 1. the map sensor is on the firewall right? how would i go about fixing it or checking if it is bad? i have the stock lx map sensor and the car is set up for mpfi.

The map sensor is located on the firewall, on mine it's roughly behind the throttle body.

The map sensor works off of vacuum states inside the intake manifold, it then adjusts the fuel map accordingly, telling the engine how much fuel it should be shooting into the combustion chamber.

The more you accelerate, the more the plenum inside the throttle body opens allowing more air in, and the state of vacuum levels closer to atmospheric pressure.

Basically, if there is a ruptured vacuum line running from the intake manifold to the map sensor, the state of vacuum dissipates and the map sensor tells the computer that your constantly accelerating, so regardless of your engine load/speed your engine is receiving too much fuel and it runs rich/gets boggy.

Fix the leaks and you should be stoich. Smile

See if that works for you.

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