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My (probably super crappy) build thread

Like I said I suck at actually documenting and keeping up with the builds, I just get so wrapped up in working I don't ever take pics or post whats happening. I am trying to do better, and just got a go pro hero 3 and new cam so I can actually enjoy documenting stuff.

So keep your fingers crossed  Laughing

The car isn't to much different from this:

I just put a deposit on a k20a3 that is being pulled monday for me. I have spare CRX parts so may see if I like the front end conversion or not. I really like the car for the most part the way it is. Probably just do some minor refreshing of some dents, and maybe a respray to make it look fresh.

I will probably keep the fit wheels, mostly just going sleeper daily.
Not fully decided on the brakes/suspension yet. I have the skunk2 coils from my ek and think I can get them to work with this (or just sell those as well.)

I do need a new rear seat as some battery acid ate the passenger side, so if anyone has one feel free to hit me up Smile

I am really itching to get this into the garage and start tearing it down but my garage is taken up buy a '67 bug that needs to go away. Hopefully this week I can get some kind of progress. (most likely tearing the new engine apart.)

off to waste more hours scouring the forums and piece together my internals for the engine.

this is going to sick. im in  

Thanks dude. Just checked your thread out, pretty awesome.

'67 Bug-whaaatt??? Sorry, started building cars with old skool Bugs...  Smile

Yeah, its almost done too. I just lost interest in it. It would be cool to cruise around dragging ass though.

In really tiny voice- Can I see it??  Wink

2300 lbs of ef goodness and k20 powah. This is the stuff I live for. In for pics even if very little!

HA HA yeah i'll post some pics of it later. Didn't get any work done today, well yet. Changed oil on my current daily. After dinner gonna try and re-arrange my cars getting the sedan in the garage to start stripping.

Check in later!

Would like to see a k-series completed... was the zc dohc that bad?

Umm the guy that did the swap had a bunch of surge issues. Most of it we thought we knocked out, worked fine in the summer when I got it. That winter went back to surging in the morning if it would even keep idling by itself in the cold.

Now it has a fluctuating idle, and sometimes stalls out when you let out the clutch coasting to a stop in neutral. Also its just so underpowered without help from parts or FI. Smile I love K's.

I like the zc for nostalgic purposes.... but headaches may not be worth it

Yeah its nostalgic but I'm not a big fan. Sell it to you pretty cheap if you want it Smile  (Guy that I got the car on gets first dibs though if he wants it.)

I haven't made any headway yet. (Besides figuring out some parts and ideas I want to go with) Still have to rearrange the cars and might have to fix an EK first. Shouldn't be hard but may not be worth it due to stupid state inspection. So I might just be picking up something else for the wife to drive. (She won't touch my cars or learn Manual anyway Sad )  

I did shoot some go pro vids today in the S, pretty much amazing. Think I will be rigging something up to video document the install. Probably attach the suction cup to the hood while working or wear some kind of mount that isn't too annoying to work with.

Vid editing time! Peace.


The bug is going away tomorrow. Bitter sweet, but I am glad it's going. (I am having issues resizing for whatever reason...)

Now that the garage is open I can pull the engine out of my CRX and put it up for sale, and then start tearing down the sedan for its transplant.  It's going to be a fun spring.


nice bug, gl on the build. ill be waiting on updates Very Happy

Sad  Damn... Make me kinda wanna build another Bug...

Ha ha...I was kind of sad to see her go but I have Honda's to build right now! Sorry I have been lacking on updates, we had some unexpected turn of events that have happened to us but in the end will be great. We are moving to our own house in the coming month so needless to say my car work has been stalled.

I have been able to gather some parts for the K itself, but still need a few swap parts. My new house has an awesome garage, so once we get in the engine will be pulled the k will be built and the sedan will breath new life soon. I def can't wait to drive it again.

I am trying to decide on some gauge ideas as the cluster in it will not work well with the kpro signals. ( I do have a gsr cluster, just not sure I want to use it.)

Congrats on the home and cant wait to see things come together on this one.

S2000 cluster  Twisted Evil

Thanks for the well wishes.

Yeah the s2k cluster creeps into my mind everyday. Forum Index -> Project Logs
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