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My other Honda

Here's my other Civic for some that may be into it! It's a 2000 EK4 SiR brought it in from Japan nearly 2 years ago now!

Here it is let me know what you think!


Stunning. . i think i still like the EF more! heheh! Laughing

Love them pics you got some stunning ones of Petes too. What camera you using again? Great quality night shots Cool

The day shots were taken with an Olympus E-510, but i dunno about the night shots, the EXIF info has been removed.

What kind of wheels are those???

I think they're Honda Modulo wheels?

~Sp33~ wrote:
I think they're Honda Modulo wheels?

They are indeed Wink

As sp33 said its an Olympus E-510! It takes some pretty good pictures  Smile

Ah seems you are pretty handy with it anyway man

The car looks great, i think you guys rock, Oh buy the way, Took some photos of my car will be posting them as soon as Keven (our
sound man at the church) E-mails me them i love the look of your Honda you say you got it from Japan, Do you know  where in Japan

Whats the logo say on the side of your car i like the look of that sticker??
Type-S EF

Its an advan sticker.....

Where are you? because canada has a 10 year and USA 15 year rule for importing

@paul - i'll be honest a DSLR is very hard to use at the start, not like a compact point a shoot at all if your not willing to learn how to use them you'll end up taking worse pictures then with a point and shoot. But when you get the hang after a couple of hundred photos  Razz  you will start taking really nice pictures!

hondacivicdx - its an Advan sticker, car originally had Advan AD05 Neova tyres! I do, i have the previous owners address in Japan its an address in Tokyo!

Typesef- I'm representing Ireland  Very Happy

damm that ek looks fast looks nice too.

Love this shot. . it is like the city is burning. Forum Index -> Miscellaneous Pics & Vids
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