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My new project <3

My gold 1989 civic ef
All power option
Stock D15B1 non v-tech
Automatic but not for long
Got it on july 25th all stock on steelies brake's not running
idling at 2500 rpm's rotors shot no brake pads
But everythings fixed now
I rolld my own fenders (did a good job)

Master cylinder
Brake Booster
Brake pads
Brake fluid flush all the way around
Drilled an slotted rotors in frnt
MSD ignition & Dizzy (wired properly)
12 gallon gas tank
Rear anodized blue Lca's
Maxpower exhaust (quite as fuk with stock piping and og can still on)
96-00 rear buddyclub P1 camber (it fits guys)
Just installed a long mirror from corner to corner
Yakima basket rack
H.I.D's 10k
96 Accord lip cut an pasted
I have a jetta lip an a rear fit lip for it debating which to put
kicker 6x9's in the frnt dr panels
Coilover sleeves
front tie rods
jvc radio newest edition forgot models name
Paintd my own bumpers gloss black again they were sun faded grey
xxr 531's

Rear struts are blown
passenger axle (blew the boot off lol)
Rear drums are booty :/
Rusty qp's not all that bad
auto but will be stick soon

Lmk what yu guys think
Any chicago heads hmu
Thinking about slapping a crx frnt end

will be waiting for progress  Very Happy

Looking for some progress...  Very Happy Forum Index -> Project Logs
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