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My Long Term Plan - may need future assistance

Well, I recently sold my sedan.
I had $2000 invested in it total, including buying the car, gas and insurance the entire time I owned it. Sold for $3500 (usd).

I loved the car to death but couldn't pass up the profit margin, and needed cash for my last quarter of college.

I plan to buy another in the next 18-24 months.
I have been looking at cars on yahoo japan, and ebay japan and come to realize that there aren't a lot of sedans left to buy there.
That is when you guys suggested to check Europe also. Well, I remembered yesterday that Australia offers right hand drive civics as well.

What I will be doing is assembling my spare z6 and putting it into either a 90 hatch shell or 88 crxsi shell to putt around in the meantime. I have both these shells in my yard to choose from already. I plan to go ahead and buy all new ball joints, control arms, shocks, wheel bearings, etc and keeping them in my storage.

Then when the time is nigh, I will ask you guys over in Oz to help me in purchasing a new sedan. I will be looking for a RHD 88-89 for looks and for the 25 year age. Since I love in North Louisiana, I can have it shipped to a major city such as Houston or New Orleans and only have to make a 5-6 hour trip one way to pick the car up.

It may seem kind of early for me to be asking you guys help, but just wanted to go ahead and continue building relationships with you guys beforehand. Basically I would be asking someone to physically go get the car for me and take care of shipping it over to the USA.
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Steve = your Australian source
Me = your international shipping source


That is awesome. I already have new in box wheel bearing/hub assemblies for the front set aside.
Now to keep rockauto in business and get the rest of my maintenance stuff.
Jon, what would be a ballpark estimate on shipping a car over? I would assume around $1000-$2000?

I know this car won't be cheap to get my hands on, but I don't mind spending the money on something that I really want.
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Would you be willing to drive to Houston to pick it up?  The rate will very depending on how much you spend, if you want insurance, if you want a dedicated container, etc.  I'll put together a ball park figure for you.

I have an uncle in Brenham, TX and another uncle in Cypress. So I would likely just crash with them and drive back the next day with a car in tow.
Would you insure a 25yo car? I probably would, not really sure..I don't think a dedicated container would be needed either. But I would sure like to know any kinda of estimate at all.
I graduate this May, so this car will be a treat to myself. Forum Index -> General Discussion
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