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my kaminari bodykit. <3

now i finally got a car for my kit.

just put the front bumper on with tape to see how it looks....omg i love it. Very Happy


i have everything, maybe ill have everything taped on tomorrow haha
EF Sedan Enthusiast

you sir have an extremely rare item for the 4g4d!!!  can't wait to see it all on, properly mounted and painted Very Happy

Yea, can't wait to see it all on the car. .
After a proper paint, and drop. . it will look nice!

Have you picked up more tape yet?

no more tape cause its been raining, it wont let me stick it to show it. this will be totally old school Very Happy next thing to do is drop it on sitty coilovers till i can afford the real setup. not spending a penny more

im so jealous,i dont think im ever gonna get this kit as im in the uk its harder to find Crying or Very sad

i have also found out some valuable information! This is for all you guys that said your able to find it cheaper....

came from the website:

Caution! Beware of Counterfeit Kaminari Products!

These companies have counterfeited our original designs: Extreme Dimensions, VIS Racing Sports, Vision Autodynamics and ABC Exclusive. All genuine Kaminari products come with a registered trademark logo that is not available from the counterfeiters. There are companies selling copied Kaminari designs and products on the world wide web. In particular, watch out for KR-S kits, which are counterfeit.

The following are known unauthorized dealers:

oh and i forgot to update a long while back:

sideskirt is on wrong side...stupid

painting the kit today

it would still look better on mine.

so today i got is washed up, and lightly wetsanded with 400 grit sandpaper. uncovered alot of small chips and some cracks.....but nothing i can't fix. washed it in preparation of fixing some of the cracks and filling in some holes with fiberglass filler and fiberglass sheets. You can also check out how well this bodykit was produced, very strong and durable after 18 years of use(through rain and shine)....of course whoever painted it didnt do such a pretty job...

pics will show the cracks across the bottom of the front air dam, where the car seems to scrape, top end piece of one sideskirt, and rear air dam slighty cracked open underneath.




Rear air dam:

Front air dam:

my plans are to use the backing and reinforce the slight damage, with fiberglass filler....a few days of filling and curing will do the trick. ill use as little body filler as possible.

anyways. uploading pics.

johnboymartin666 wrote:
it would still look better on mine.

im pretty sure it will since yours is lower than mine :Razz:

damn my shit looks like a monster truck. killin ants every second

nice any problems with opening  doors because of the side skirts? i had those issues with the same side skirts

well when it was just taped on it didn't interfere with the door, and i was able to open the door without yanking the side skirts off. sits so close to touching, yet it doesn't. Very Happy

I was searching more info on the kaminari aero kit for 1988-1991 civic sedan, and all of a sudden i see a WingsWest kit that seems to look very is a link directly to the website.

@769.00 complete kit

rear spoiler @ 210.00 oem style

so this is a "WingsWest" Kit:

Also found a rear wing that is made by WingsWest, looks very similar to the oem spoiler.

I have a question.....So which is the real thing? OR why are they similar?

WTF!? grrr
whoa its len 2

Back in my bodyshop days I remember seeing this kit. Kaminari, Wings West, and Erebuni all produced this same exact kit. WW and Erebuni are replica companies. Not sure if Kaminari is the orginiator though.

im going to look into what kind of info i can find. i know that kaminari parts are pricey, so it may mean its original.... i also bought a decal for my car from kaminari yesterday. support the kit! Very Happy hahaha. Forum Index -> Miscellaneous Pics & Vids
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