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my idle goes up and down and car dies at a stop

I have a 90 honda civic ex with a swap(d15b8). It used to drop its idle at a stop and sometimes stalls, so i figured it might be a vacuum leak some were i got some carb cleaner and sprayed around and found some hoses that were leaking and replaced them all. It still ran the same. then i found a intake manifold gasket was sticking out and was broken, so i changed that out and i reset the ecu. I let it idle for about 15 minutes then did a simple u turn to pull out my drive way. At the end of my driveway it stalls and would not start up i pushed it back to its parking spot and tried to figure it out. I sprayed carb fluid around hoping it would start(no luck). so i sprayed carb cleaner in the throttle body and it started right up i can go forward and reverse for like about 5 rounds and all of a sudden it stalls agian. Before i changed the gasket it was idling up and down, up to 2000 rpm and back down to 1000 rpm. i cleaned out iac and did everything vacuum related. I also checked my oil to see if it was thick but nothing. Also when my car was cool the radiator was still under pressure. i opened the cap and coolant shot out. I just cant figure it out any help would be very appreciated if you are local and want to come take a look and help a fellow ef sedan lover out that would be great any kind of help would be great thanks for your time! Confused

I would focus on the reason why it's not starting back up. If you fix that problem, chances are it's not going to stall out anymore. Chances are that it will be a fuel or spark issue.

Worry about the bouncing idle later.

Vacuum leak in a hose ?
Do you have the dashpot diaphram hooked up ?

I battled an idle fluctuation for the past year in with my zc, that would also some times dip to low and stall out. Usually when coming to a stop. I tried everything, the guy I bought the car from (a good friend) also tried helping me figure it out. We could never completely solve the issue. I have now decided to pull the ZC and am building a K for the sedan.

Best of luck man. (Perhaps your fuel pump is going? That was also something we didn't get to but was an idea we had.)

Mine was doing the same. It was my tps sensor. Forum Index -> Write Ups & Tech Info
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