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My daily pusher. 1991 ex.

Sup fam! I'm new to this forum & I just signed up today. Anyways, My name is Owen & I reside in Santa Maria CA. Born in the slums of the Philippines, But raised in Cali. Check out my photography & Enjoy the build!

When I first bought the car, It wasn't running. The dizzy was done & I replaced it with a brand new one. I picked up the car for 800$ by the way. Here's when I first bought the car.

Fixed my dizzy & Got her running!

Lowered her just a bit.

Got rid of my LS's & Copped some 92 gsr wheels. Didn't look too bad.

Replaced the OEM shocks because they were blown & Got some Tokico blues. ( Got rid of the aftermarket lowering springs )

Got new beater shoes. dr21's. I had to paint strip them.

Copped some OG enkei 92's.

Sold those & Copped some OLD SCHOOL LINEA SPORTS.

Slapped on some 165/45s

I didn't post pics of other stuff I did because I didn't think of that at the time. But here's a list of what I did & What im lowered on.
- Extended tophats, Fronts, An inch & A half. Rears, 2 & a half inches.
-Cut ebay coilovers.
-The car rides reeeeally smooth for being dumped. Here's how it sits as we speak.

Sorry for the half assed post. But ill update it more later! Thanks for looking & I hope you enjoyed it!
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Glad you joined us dude. Love the color & wheel choices. It started out very similar to my last EX. What's the future hold?

Do like the most recent wheels... makes the car really stand out

Thanks guys! I might do the jdm front, BUT idk if I should. I was thinking of just keeping everything U.S. & Keeping it clean. I do also plan on getting another set of old school wheels soon!
EF Sedan Enthusiast

I vote jdm front. It would look so good on your sedan.

Yeah, I think I'm gonna do it. If so, I gotta do the jdm tail lights too. Paint is gonna be the next thing also Smile

Love what you've done to it.

Thanks bro! I appreciate the comments.  Very Happy

looks awesome man.

you have a 5D but you only post phone photos of your own car? wth!

Haha @Jace, I sold that a while back but I am in the market for a 5d again. Might get the MKII because it's gone cheaper! Thanks though.

Welcome to the family man the sedan looks good cant wait to see were you take this.

Thanks broski! Ill be posting more photos soon Smile

Loving the look. i REALLY need to dump mine. im riding to high  Crying or Very sad

Looks awesome dude. Loving the wheels.

Thanks guys!

Do it man! They look so sick dumped!

ogphotos1993 wrote:
Do it man! They look so sick dumped!




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