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My BIke

Well its time to start working on my bike again, its a 1981 yamaha xs650 bobber/rat bike.
about a month ago, the right cylinder stopped working, it gets fire and fuel....So im gonna pull the motor tommorow and start re-building it from the ground up...Im gonna try to, even though im broke ha.
Anywas its not a HONDA...sadly ha..but i would figure i would post it up here as something different, anyways
Here it is, my baby ha......

here's me being a hardass on it Razz

You look odd in that pic lol, I have always liked that style bike.
I want a bike.. but people act like they dont know how to drive around bikes..

Good luck with the build!

yea i love it, it will be my first time tearing down an engine like that, so im definatly gonna learn something! ha.
I love bikes period, this is my second one, my previous was a 2007 gsxr 600, i really miss that bike.....
Im probably gonna paint this bike some sort of red or blue, and re-spray the frame a gloss black. Ill probably end up putting 11-13inch ape hangers on it, i like the drag bars, but want something new! Very Happy

Nice bike,  I've been riding for 7 years now but always owned sportsbikes.  Borrowed my buddies Harley Davison soft tail fat boy becasue I was thinking of picking one up my self, but changed my mind about it.  I was riding back from work 50 miles into my commute then thought in my head whats the point if I can't wheelie or knee drag.  But boy... did I feel cool on it.  I ended up trading my 05 ZX6R to an 08 R6 and all I could say is WOW what a bike.  I'm still looking for a cruzier for my commute on hot days and that Suzuki B-King is looking mighty fine.

man, dont make me post my 80cc bike Razz

Well here is what i started to do yesterday. i woke up about 2pm, alooooot later than i wanted to ha!
So i jumped on it, no food, no drink nothing and started to tear apart my bike so that i can rebuild it from the ground up.
It only took me about 3-4 hours by myself, i was taking my time, but im happy that i got it done. Now im super tired

Ok...where should i start

Started out by disconnecting the battery, and taking off all the wiring that i needed to.

Then the back wheel

Making sure i got all of the motormount bolts out

oh yeaa

Now tommorow, im gonna tear the motor down and see what's wrong with it.

    Looks good

    I wouldn't know where to begin...
    Good luck and i hope you find the issue. . Wink

    Yea, im just gonna buy every part brand new, and rebuild it from the ground up, well im not gonna re-build it, i really dont feel like it.
    Im just gonna re-paint the frame, tank, and fender. I might end up getting a different fender, but im unsure. I thought about chopping the frame again, and welding on a hard-tail, but i love the smoothness of the soft-tail ride

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