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My 91 lx sedan (newer)

ive been a member for awhile im jsut making a new log its been a few years.

91 civic sedan
b18a1 mildly built
gsr trans

integra center console
del sol seats
gutted rear interior

eibach ground controls
konig hotswaps (stollen)

had the car for 5 yrs. wanted to attempt body and paint and its a very tedious job. so tedious its taken nearly 2 yrs to get to where i am lol. i do it for fun not to go fast and look cool. its a hobby and the car cost me $27 a year to register its causing no harm. its just nice to say whats done is done by me. pics comin


like i said, cars been stored for 2 yrs or so. its dirty and dusty. Very rough pics
ill get some better ones and progress ones this weekend. im shavin the rear doors and also shaved the side trim.

I like the shaved handles, but I'm not sure of the trim. Finished pics will make my mind up Razz

There's something about building you car yourself that is so darn fulfilling and addicting. I can't stop altering mine!

I hear ya. I got mine in like 06' for 500 dollars at an auto auction. On the way home the hood flew up and smacked the windshield haha. But it still had the bone stock d15 dpfi. And I put the b18 in and did all the wiring for it after I blew that little d15 up lol. Its been fun. I have ek hatch n have had several other efs. But nothing stays around more than my sedan. Forum Index -> Project Logs
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