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My 91 lx 4dr

91 civic sedan. had this car for 5 yrs almost. the last 2 its been trapped in the garage because i thought paint and body would be fun to do. let me tell ya, its a tedious job and you have to have patience to make it look good. So as of right now (4-29-11) its still in the garage but is being worked on. Its got a b18a1 mildly build. del sol seats and teggy center consol. rear disc is ready to go on but one think at a time lol. i build it for fun not to just go fast. i just wanna beable to say its all been done by me.


man what a story that ef been thur alot. especially getting stolen from your garage! sounds like a nice set up but i wouldn't do the golden eagle block guard. i had bad experience with it cant really enjoy a/c on a warm day besides that it caused my cylinder wall to crack! btw can you post a pic of the del sol with the dc armrest? good luck on the set up thx Forum Index -> Project Logs
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