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my 91 hatchback

I've been looking for an ef forum that isn't abandoned, this one seems pretty good so far. Here's my new project i've owned it for a month now. It has 74k miles but looks like it has well over 200k.

bought dc console, thinking about finding oem or eg center

new quarter and rocker

added a temporary tach fix

wrapped all the upper panels, i'll get an updated pic of them installed.

wd40'd the bay

looks clean Cool

Very nice. That mileage is unreal! I miss my hatch... And my sedans  Sad

Reminds me of mine but mine was premiered what are ur plans?

Welcome to the site man, but it looks like you missing two doors, jk.  Very Happy

Thanks for the welcome.

Long term goals, 3 years or less:

*New paint
*Rust repair/strait body

Short term goals, this year:

*Suspension: New balljoints and tierods, polyurethane master bushing kit with trailing arm bushings, koni/gc or ff1.

*Exterior: New or used hood, passenger fender and door. Rust repaired.

Is it that bad, (rust) Looks pretty clean to me

It's hard to see from the pic. There's a hole on the drivers side rocker before the quarter panel, one spot on the rear quarter and a spot on the passenger side rocker before the quarter panel. That's just what I can see from the outside, there could be more I can't see. Definetely fixable.

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