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my 90 DX

I posted this in the intro section, but i thought i would post it here as well-if you want interior and engine bay pics, there are on that thread in the intro section.  

So, i decided to take a few pics of the updated stance-just a few additions of the 1gen Teg lip, spalshguards, front hood bra and a new sticker Smile  

She is looking pretty good but i have many long-term goals for her.  in the near future, i would like to get a new filler panel for the front as well as stock headlight housings.  A new Camber kit is also something i will be needing shortly-the Ingals shit is rattling like a bastard!  Im thiking skunk 2?  

Let me know what you think

looks good, nice and clean.  i like the "you love my EF" sticker

nice ride.
what exhaust are yu running?

here is a list of all the mods to the car:

• 1993 Integra GS B18A; 140hp/127trq, 9.2:1 compression(stock)
• HCP Motor mounts
• Skunk2 Pro intake manifold
• AEM intake
• HKS Sport exhaust; 50mm piping(≈2inches), 60mm dual tip
• JDM exhaust manifold
• Crower Stage 1 street cams; up to 12hp gain
• B&M fuel pressure regulator
• Vision Motor Works fuel pressure  gauge
• 9” Slimfan
• NGK wires/Iridium plugs
• Password billet cam seal
• Hasport A/C bracket
• Rywire harness

• GS YS1
• Fidanza 7.5lb aluminum flywheel
• Exedy clutch
• Findanza short shifter
• Hasport shift linkage

• Integra GS front and rear disk brakes
• Stainless lines
• Tokico blues
• TEIN S-tecs 4.8kg/2.2kg; -1.5/-1.4
• Front and rear camber correction
• Neuspeed Front strut and rear lower tie bar
• Meagan rear strut bar
• 15”Rota GT3 Gunmetal/polish, Kuhmo 195/50/15

• JDM Integra DA seats
• NRG short hub and quick release
• Shiftlight/tach
• Kenwood speaker all around

• Projector headlights
• Clear corners
• Custom paint
- Custom Lloyds floor mats that read "EF Squad"
- Ebay Type-R gunmetal shiftknob

wowzers,yu got so major work into her.
any pics of the interior and engine bay.
i wanna see how tight the fit is with ac and bseries.
i really respect people who can have a fast engine and hold the cold ac down!

nice ride! is that the old school hks with small holes on the exhaust tip? tip alone goes for $150. is it the DA cat back or the EF cat back? IMO HKS sounds better then greddy and mugen mufflers!

yep thats the old school EF HKS exhaust and yea it has the holes at the tip.  The car came with it so i guess im lucky Very Happy

here are the requested pics of the interior and other various parts of the car.  

floor mats

shift knob

Neuspeed strut bar instal
before shaved sticker:


hasport AC bracket-talk about a tight fit! (blue zips are gone):

intake mani:

I cleaned up the engine bay a few weeks ago and used some paint thinner to get rid of that orange spray paint that the state of Nevada uses to mark their cars for smog.  

I dont have any great pics of the interior but i can say its in really good condition.  The dash has a grey dash cover on it which works perfect and the JDM DA seats are fantastic!  I would really like a CRX dash eventually, but this will work for now.  back seat is stock and in very good condition.   the floor mats are custom Lloyds that were about 100 bucks.

I really hate the red valve cover so im thinking of having it powder coated the color of the car and having the H and honda motors stuff shaved off.  I think that would really set off the engine bay as well as an eventual tuck (or just buy a Chase Bays harness and call it a day Smile Forum Index -> Pics & Vids
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