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My '90 Civic DX 4 door !

What up forum? My name is Ian, I'm 19 and this is my very first post but I've been here for a few weeks, maybe a month now.. but I was waiting till I actually got the car to say anything.  Picked  up this 1990 Civic sedan (wooot) for half her original asking price. Dx, super basic with no radio, no p/s, no passenger sidemirror. 124k original miles from the first owner. Stock, stock, stock. Just replaced some parts like a new clutch and alternator. All maintenance papers from 93 till now. Clean title and all. Performance or mechanical wise, the car is great. The exterior isn't too bad but does need work. I've been saving since last year, working 13hours a week at fast food joint is why it's taken me so long but she's finally here and I'm hella juiced. Even though I've been researching this car for so long, I'm still a hardcore noob and I have a bunch of questions, some already answered cus of this forum, but I'm hoping you all can still hook me up with some tips! Really excited to be posting on here now. Heres some pictures! Any feedback is greatly appreciated Smile

My old (but newer) Civic and my new (but older) current Civic . Very Happy

Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy
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Welcome.  That's a nice find.  Looking forward to what you make of it.

PS.  This thread has been moved to the intro section.

hellooooooo and welcoooooooome ... ^^

Welcome.  Lookes good man you should be able to get answers to youre questions here.  Cant wait to see were you take this build.


Welcome to the site..

Sup dudes! Making small progress!

Things that I've done every since my first post.

Repainted the faded bumper trims black.

Headers and short ram intake.

Small drop on ebay springs (I know, I know.. :/ )

Picked up some fat fives.

(small drop.. before the repaint)

(another drop shot)

(headers and sri installed)

(before repaint)

(after paint)


(new wheels and tires)

EFfin Sedan 91

Nice dude! Looks like my car  Very Happy
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Coming along nicely.

Sup dudes! I picked up some new wheels and suspension this past October. I recently picked up a rear camber kit but haven't gotten any pics with them installed yet. Here's some for now though!


Looks sick dude, I've seen pics of it in ht on the sedan thread and. I
think xxr thread. Never thought that was you. Looks sick bro keep it up

Lookin good Dude.
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It's amazing what a nice set of wheels does. Forum Index -> The Intro...
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