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my 88 ef sedan project

Just  put a 91 front end and tellights in it after some jerk hit my car in walmart parking lot and smashed my finderz headlights n hood


what kind of suspension are you running? its got a nice stance

It has no name coilovers 86 accord struts in front cus there so short and 96 ek struts in back gives its a smooth ride

nice. ive always wanted to try the 86 accord struts.but  i cant go that
low on my sedan tho.  Sad

they help out alot i can still lift my car up to look stock and im still a inch  or more from it slaming out  i can drag my mud flaps is i lower it again  i ran it a week like that

i like it. looks aggressive  Twisted Evil

thx i just need a good paint job and should bee clean then

so cool they are!

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