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My 5 year Lenght Proyect

Well this is my recent and actual project almost 5 years ago of saving to get it on good standings first and making extra income to be able to cover what our babies need here it is...

I am from Costa Rica and I hope this helps... there are plenty of 4th fans that have big time rides in here.

February 2006 The car was bought, not worthy at all but I wanted it anyway. after purchasing it and take it to the shop we realize that the whole suspension didnt work at all no bushing screw or knob was fine.

I dont have pics of the first 6 months when I got the car. they got lost.

on the ones you will see below it shows already when i had it with coilovers remove the tinted thing on the main wind shield also did the red line on the moldures.
hope you like it

the center console that came in with the car from the EL version

around 6 months after my second block got wrecked I bought another 1.5L and i painted  my 13rims.

days after I did my own lip with a 96 front bumper:

4-5 months after the head got blowned up. I bought another one with the A6 camshaft worked fine and change my 13s for some white 17s they start calling it the patriot ( based on our flag)

the engine worked awesome with new camshaft but since none o us in here can stay still around 4 months after of dragging every single monday and weekends the engine start to fail again and we pull the engine and put another 1.5 we remove the head after and found out the problem . a piston wrecked into pieces on the inside.

we rebuilt the new engine new rings bearing etc etc and it worked for about 7 months and it started to give me smoke on the exhaust....
we checked on the engine and the problem was on the head the valve guides were messed up so we put in another 91 head but this time we did the OBD1 harness conversion with the 91 intake

i got really impressed since the engine was running so good... i was doing about 15 secs on drag against a couple stock B16 and several SR20 from nissan.

Later i bought a vtec Head and also the 99-00 SI rims  

the 35 XT spoiler came out with some dents and scratches that i fixed and got it painted on black.

this is how it ended:

Oil Pressure Gauge Autometer:

the first time it failed becuase we used a NPT copper connecting tube and due to the engine vibration it got broke so i bought the glowshift oil adapter and issue solved.

My ECU was chipped by Amadeus ( the best CR tunner) and the car gave really good result for being a regular stock mini me.

it was a 265 psi compression per piston that was good or 3 months.

I bought a Y7 automatic block and got the window visors.

the 2nd Y8 head

Here is when we removed the broken engine:

this is how it ends ( disregards the color of the valve cover such as the bar and the headlights)

Sold my SIs bought DC 17s removed the tinted windows

New rims and drilled Discs

Got the EG Sir Coin Pocket and mud flaps

The lates pictures are from around 3-4 months ago.. it is currently at the shop getting the EF2/3 Front mounted and painted.

Will post new pics once i have it back

Greeting from CR.
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Hello and welcome to the forum!  Wow, you've been through some motors.  The transformation of your sedan is great.  Looking forward to the JDM front.  Are you still on the last set of wheels?  They look good.  Please keep us updated Very Happy


Thanks bro... it has been really hard to get the pieces from here... at this point i have everything but the hood so i need to cut a piece of the USDM one in the mean time i get the JDM one....  its just that i had it stored for more than a year and a half waiting for the hood. but god no luck still so.....

Currently i have the same gray DC 17s but I have a set of Work 18s on the way...

I will get back my sedan within the next couple of weeks...

Once again thanks for the feedback.
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Work 18"s, interesting.  Hope you're going to have some skinny tires.  If you find a hood but need some help shipping it, let me know.


Am currently running 205/40/17 direzza D101 but in the 18s i would like to get either the same brand (which is not here) or to get some sumitomo (dunlop lemans) or the new one yokohama just released ( Neova AD08 but they are kind of expensive to get them here the set of 5.... its 1500 according to the type of change.....

lookin good man keep up the good work.


Thanks a lot....

am just waiting for it to get it out of the shop with the new front to see how it looks like...

also to get the rear disc brakes on.... just bought them today

Damn you sure are rough on those single cams!

I'm interested in seeing what the 18's look like on your car.
Dolie ED3

Love your project log,keep up the good work!
Cant wait to see the work wheels on.
You dont like B series?or are they expensiv in costa rica?

Can't believe how many motors that chassis has seen!

Car is definitely looking its best in this pic:



Thanks for the comments...

New updates:

The Front is almost done... ( dont have any pics for now)
Recently I bought the SIR amber Clock and Rear OEM fog lights, got the Rear Disc Brake also....

Am looking at this moment for the 35XT decal but cant find it...

If some one has one or have it on the car already that maybe can take a nice pic of it to get it and make one here since I am seeing that it harder to get the decal than the headlights hahaha....


dolie1973 wrote:
Love your project log,keep up the good work!
Cant wait to see the work wheels on.
You dont like B series?or are they expensiv in costa rica?

Aparently the Rims got stock on customs ( boxes are to big)... "or they want to steal them"

I love the B and H series, I am currently building one from scratch. got a B18B1 automatic. but am getting everything new to "make it  as god sends"  ( como dios manda as we say here) I want to get around the 230-250 WHP N/A... i have the Eagle Rods and all the ACL bearings, missing the High Comp Pistons and rings such as the Vtec Head. already have the Cometic Gasket and all the ARP.

Saving for the 4.78 or 4.92 FD ( already have the Type 4.78 gearbox without the FD), missing a good intake, good exhaust, cam gears, nice camshafts, valves, springs, retainers. blah blah...

am not in hurry.. the one it has right now is my daily drive too so i can deal with it longer mean while i finish the other...


Hi All,

Some news...

the front has just been ended and painted....
hope you like it....
now am just waiting for the rear foglights to arrive such as the rear SIR disc brake kit.
Also the SIR amber clock has bee placed tonight (haha) just went to pick it up ( almost a unique piece in CR)

Unfortunately Customs stopped the rims, they sent them back to Australia ( placed where they were being sent) due to price and size... the guy sent the inoice inside of the package so based on that they said that it exceeded my limit.

well when its time i will some...


EF Sedan Enthusiast

Sorry to hear about your wheels.  I thought you said you were doing the entire JDM front end conversion?  Judging by the pictures, you still have your USDM fenders and hood.


Yeap... the fenders still the same ones such as the hood for now...

just that I had the opportunity to get the front painted. the i only have one JDM fender so it will look weird to have one and not the other. the hood since it never came up i had to use mine...

I had the other parts for a year or more and I was already desperate so I put them for the time being meanwhile the rest shows up some how....



Some good news and some bad news...

I finally the rear disc brakes on and the rear fog lights.....

but the rims got send back to the seller... the guy from customs didnt want to help me getting them out even though i pay him some....

i got my money reimbursed by the seller and I bought a set of velox 17's ...

like this ones but the rim is in gun metal gray...



i have an EF9 Hatch and a EF5 shuttle...  can i post those projects here???

good looking wheels sorry to here about the other set and you can post youre other car we like to see what else you are working on.

Lotsa goodies to play with, glad you're enjoying it.

By the way, that coin pocket/cupholder is not a Honda item.  It's from 92-95 Ford Taurus/Mercury Sable.  Fits in a DIN slot for the most part.


this one was taken out from a RHD EG6 a friend of mine imported from japan he crashed it without being able to recover anything from the engine or front... if i am able to take it out some day i will get a pic...this one does say HONDA PS..... at the back
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Very nice!  Anymore pix of your sedan out in the daytime?


Hey y'all

just got back....

had plenty of problems, lost my job.. no internet... etc etc.....

here are the latest pics of what i've done to my EF...

Change the rims.... ( got a set of 16's Sportmax but they didnt fit due to offset...) at the end got the some sokudo's 17's

got the rear fog lights.
rear Disc brakes.
and some pics of how the engine looks until now.. ( end of the month D series will say good bye haha)

eventually I will start  the wire and brake lines tuck... so... it will take me long time since am new to this part... so..... as you can see there is a mess with the bunch of cables.


Welcome back lookin good rear fogs turned out nice keep it up.
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Sorry to hear about your miss fortunes but the rear fogs look good.

i like your progress
True EF Lovers

i see your sidedoorvisor
it's nice bro

i hope to have it too
Dolie ED3

love the ef front end Cool im jalous  Twisted Evil  lol!


Hi all.

Long time out of the streets. had some problems down the road...

Welll finally I got my b18 under the hood... its running fine... up to date is currently stock (missing $$$ haha)...

I have pics but havent been able to upload them yet here...

You can check them out on Facebook (Vinicio Camacho)

Just received my tow hooks buuuuuuut i dont know where to plug the front one since I have the JDM bumper and it doesnt have the pieces the comes behind the plate...

I know that put it on the OEM left tow hook but it will be below the lip... ( not a good idea with the costarican streets... they completely suck)  I wonder if any of might know any other way to get something to put on the same OEM tow hook position but to come out on the lower part of the bumper grill....


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