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My 2010 Rebuild

Well as most of you know, last year was a serious disappointment for us. So many things went wrong due to me being lazy and waiting until the last minute to get the car done. I have decided to get an early start on it for this year. I am not going to swap the f22 in it again tis year. I am going to finish what I started. The D15 is going to run again and run like it should have last season.

As many of you saw at the only event we went to last season, it was terrible. I was utterly embarrassed at what happened. So tonight I started by doing a compression test on all the cylinders before tearing the top end apart.

#1 Cylinder 185psi
#2              140psi
#3              210psi
#4              185psi

I knew something was wrong. So it was time to pull the head and go to work.

I didnt see anything strange. The rust is just from the engine sitting in my garage through the freezing Winter.

So I got the head on my work bench and took a look to see if I had any bent vales since we thought the timing belt jumped on our first pass at the Woodburn BOTI event. No bent valves.

Scratching my head at this point because everything looks to be in order. I pulled the head gasket off of the head and I wanted to kick myself.

Yup. Burnt HG. Or was it?!? I was an idiot and tried to reuse an old HG from the previous season. Something that I have never done before until then. I have always used a new gasket anytime I pulled the head, 5 minutes or 5 years. I ALWAYS used a new one. I was running out of time from waiting until the last couple weeks before the event. And I also was trying to save money. :facepalm:

I want to kick myself so hard right now. I know that I wont be able to sleep for a few days because I have always told people never to reuse a head gasket. And I did. I paid for it.

So now I am going to have another head ported/polished. Maybe bigger valves also. Redo the fuel system and last but not least. I am going to redo the entire suspension setup.

Stay Tuned!

im in for the updates.
keep em coming...
i think i have to replace HG soon too.
i ran a good 5mins overheat smoking when my cars cooling fan didnt wanna come on.but i fixed the fan.thank god.

This engine never overheated. I wish I could blame it on that. It was my dumb fault for not spending the $30 to replace the HG. Thats what makes me so angry with myself.

I will post more on the site to show ED/EF love to everyone.

Very much looking forward to your updates.

I am going to be sending the head out next week to get worked on. So hopefully I will have engine updates in a few weeks. I am however going to try and work on the suspension this coming weekend.
whoa its len 2

We all get lazy moments every now and then. I see major redemption for you this season. Keep us posted.  Cool

where did you find the carb set up at? and what motor are you running? i like the carb idea and i want to know how hard it will be to do? your pistons are crazy they are tall what are they?

ed3_4dr wrote:
where did you find the carb set up at? and what motor are you running? i like the carb idea and i want to know how hard it will be to do? your pistons are crazy they are tall what are they?

Dual 45mm Weber Carbs. Simple setup. Very easy to tune. All you need to tune is the AFR's.

The Pistons are Custom ARIAS Pistons. Actually designed for the d15 engines. Its not just a d16 piston thrown into a 1.5 The deck height is correct.

I am running a D15. I have always liked the D15.

Well I know it has been a while since I was on here. So I thought I would share some updated pics for you guys....

Over the off season I decided to take the car apart and re paint it. Including the engine bay , all the jams , and trunk to match the outside finally.

From this:

To this:

It all looks factory. Including the factory sticker under the hood.


We are still rockin' the d15 for this year.

We have a new clutch sponsorship with Competition Clutch. We hope that it fixes our shifting issues and we will finally be able to shift @ 9k like we should.

Here is how she sits at the moment.

We used almost a gallon of custom mixed "Pure Pink Pearl" for the base. Then another gallon of clear with Pink flake. Hard to see in pictures. But there is a lot of flake in it.

It also matches our pitbike.


I saw your car at Sac raceway. I wanted to talk to you about it, but for some reason didn't....
When will you be down at sac raceway again?

Sancho wrote:
I saw your car at Sac raceway. I wanted to talk to you about it, but for some reason didn't....
When will you be down at sac raceway again?

If there is another Shootout this year we may try and make it down that way again. We have a few events up here in the NW this year so I am not sure what our schedule will allow. But if any of you see the car in the pits, stop by and say hello. We are happy to answer any questions that you have.

Just awesome. Smile

Here is how she sits at the  moment... We picked up a new sponsor. They do some killer powdercoating at some real good prices.

We are thinking about powdercoating the wheels Black. Still in the idea process though..

We are going to re paint the rear driver door since I wet sanded through the paint. Also the bumper is getting re painted since  I made some changes to it after paint.. The top of the hood needs to be painted also. We didnt paint that yet because we painted the under side and I wanted it to be fully cured before I put any pressure on it.
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Can't wait to see some vid of this beast making some passes.

EF Sedan Enthusiast wrote:
Can't wait to see some vid of this beast making some passes.

Thanks.. We will try and get as many vids as possible. Although it is not easy with such a small team and 2 cars this year. I am going to be running around a lot at the events we will be attending.

Here are some updated pics from today....

EF Sedan Enthusiast

That's so awesome!

I love how you kept the car N/A and you made some nice power out of the d15. I would love to hear how crazy the car sounds with those carbs.

I couldn't help from showing you these pics i found, haha:


Well she fired up today. Here is a clip of it. Sounds a little rough. After I turned off the camera I found out that it was only sitting @ 3.5 psi fuel pressure. Tweaked it to 5 psi and it sounds like magic. Lets just hope it goes down the track like it sounds..


Very cool! I've been messing with Weber's and Dellerto's for a copule years now. Do you have any pictures of the intake manifolds?

It is a TWM manifold that I have which are not easy to find these days. Although you can find carb manifolds from Roland Manifolds for the D series pretty easy. They also carry B series carb manifolds. I am a carb guy at heart but I do have a boosted EG hatch also.

Here is a little video clip of the completed engine bay and trying to show the actual flakes in the paint. We have some touching up on s couple of the body panels this weekend , then the car will be complete and ready for a much needed bath. It is very dirty at the moment , due to it just sitting in the shop for a couple months and not having time to finish it up. I will try and get a better clip of it running later today also.


Here is a quick clip of the car running.. Hope yall like it..

EF Sedan Enthusiast


Love to see carbs up and running proper power would like to have done this to my sedan but got the vtec conversion cheap..

What kinda spec is on it (that you dont mind sharing)?

I have no problem sharing....

ARIAS pistons that are actually designed for the d15
Bisimoto Camshaft & Valve Springs
Ported Head by Performance Porting
Dual Weber 45mm carbs

I still have stock rods & rod bolts.

Any other questions, feel free to ask
Dolie ED3

Very nice!little beast!;)looks good,like it!

Cool thought there would be some crazy internal work done great work with it will be nice to see it up and running again..

Have you any times in mind for this year?

What is it reving out to on the stock rods and all that going though a L3 box Cool

When the car was its original color (Brown) I could get it to go 14.00. My wife has been driving the car for the past 2 years and her quickest time was 13.95 missing 3rd gear and short shifting. The car should be shifting close to 9000 rpm. But unfortunately we have had issues with the clutch hanging up and wont shift past 8k.

Over this past Winter I changed clutch companies and have now gone with Competition Clutch. Hopefully this will cure the issues. With the new setup we are hoping for a mid to low 13. So we will see how things go. We also have a 4.9 FD from GearX that seems to be helping us get down the track and keep it in the powerband.

Hood & bumper will be ready for paint this Saturday after we close the shop.. Just have to pull a door and re paint that too.. Then its a full day or so of color sanding & buffing...


nice. that master cylinder looks interesting  Shocked Forum Index -> Project Logs
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