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My 1990 Honda Civic Build.

I bought this car for 800 dollars off of a local guy. The second I got her the money started pouring in. 5 min after the title and keys were mine.... I had to buy an ecu. From there I struggled to go to work at 7am in the morning. The reason for this was the fact the tranny had a hole about the size of a quarter. Fluid sprung out all over the road and there I was broke down in VA on a extremely hot summers morning. The next day the swap process began. here are some of the first pics.

We took the motor out to fix a few wiring issues, installed the new tranny and already had her lowered with wheels all in just a weekend.

Next the bad body panels had to go and I had a bit of a rust issue. Fixed the rust replaced the bad with panels from a local circle track EF sedan and got a little bit of some rim game going on.

I sold the car after I primed it green a had a set of white hx wheels on her. Throughout the coarse of the next six months I had owned several different cars. A Mercedes Benz, 3 IROC-Z Camaros, a S10, and a Volvo Wagon. I finally sat on a lifted S10 Blazer for the last two months of the time away from the sedan... until one day when I was looking through random EF Sedan forums I seen the car for sale about 7 hours away from were I lived. I called the guy immediately after seeing the ad and offered him a trade. I told him about my 94 Blazer with 31's and he was entertained with the trade. I drove 7 hours there and back to swap cars and titles and got back into town around 6am just to bet with reality that I had to be at work within the hour. Since then here is were I have gotten.

Me and a couple guys from work sanded her down and wiped a few dings and got her in the booth for paint. Since that day here is what the car currently looks like to this day.

EF Sedan Enthusiast

Gangster.  Seeing a sedan get saved puts a big a** smile on my face.

Yeah, I couldn't let another one go. Took on the task knowing it would be a big project.

still have those wheels from the first pics?

Yea hella flush if you could get those first ones to fit.... hahahaha Forum Index -> Project Logs
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