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Any other musicians out there? Confused  Just thought that it would be cool to have someone to talk to about music since I play the trombone, piano, some guitar, and soon to learn the cello........hopefully Rolling Eyes

I play the Trombone just fine  Twisted Evil
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Nice. I play the guitar.

Drummer! I love doing covers, haven't done it in awhile  though.  Sad

NIce! Very Happy  I love guitar, but I cant seem to get the hang of it! Big fingers and transitions kill me! What guitar do you play? Confused  Acooustic, Electric? I have a 1965 fender strat my dad gave me that he has had since it was new! Very Happy And I forgot i play the snare drum 2! Laughing  and EF4lyf3 you need to play those drums! Twisted Evil
EF Sedan Enthusiast

I've got a Fender Strat and an Ibenez acoustic/electric.

NICE!! I want an acoustic/electric but never have got one! Laughing

I have a guitar I never learned to play :/ trying to sell it .

i play guitar

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