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Motorsports in your sedan

I know this is an "events" forum, so I ask:

Who else here does motorsports events in their 4g's?!

I have been an autocrosser for 3 years now, and compete in Street Mod FWDwith my other 4g(CRX), and recently placed 7th in class at the solo national championships.

Now that I am back at school, and there was a local event here last weekend. A friend let me borrow some 9in wide steel wheels and circle track takeoff tires. Now these being non DOT legal tires, I was thrown right into E prepared class, a place where a full stripping of the car and anything-goes suspension is ok. All I did was pull the back seat out to save a few pounds, and ran the car as-is(bone stock)

The car was amazing! For tired, bone stock suspension the thing had massive grip, and was almost somewhat predictable. And of course it was slow as hell is a straight line, but it was  rewarding to get through the course so quickly  I PAX'd 48th out of about 110 people, in a bone stock car in EP Razz.

Here is the event results, as well as a few pictures and video's from the event.
^^PAX'd results, look for the EP civic. I figure if the car was in H stock trim with slicks(I have some Koni yellows that I'll put in at thanksgiving, and will eventually fine some used A6's) It would have done similar times, while getting an AWESOME pax adjustment.
^^ My only recorded run, of course I almost lost the car in the one on video Razz besides the one bobble, it was a fairly solid run, gives you an idea of what a stock car will do.
^^ Friends best run, much cleaner than mine
^^Outside view, this is pretty cool
^^ few pictures, If you hunt through the album you'll find more.

So who else has ever autocrossed or otherwise raced their 4g4d!?
I wanna see some pictures and video!!

Looks like a hole lot of fun to me.

Ive done drag and track events in my sedan nothing compeditive but was able to show up alot of the bigger cars on the bends Cool Forum Index -> Meets/Car Shows/Events
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