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Mint Youngtimer from Germany... and his sedan

Hey Guys,
I always had a weakness for older cars, especially from japan. The last few years I called a '01 Miata my own but now I decided that it's time for a change.

But first, let me introduce myself:
My name is Patrick (most people call me 'Palle' for some reason) a 24 y.o.  photographer and editor for german car related print magazines such as 'Chrom&Flammen' and others. Even if my job is about US-Muscle-Cars and stuff, my heart always belonged to japanese vehicles.

Now to my car history:
5 years ago i bought my first japanese car, a '91 Nissan 100NX. Unfortunately the car had rust everywhere, so I only drove it about 6 months. After that, I decided to buy something less rusty for daily use, so I found a '01 Miata facelift. I put bazillions of in it, slammed it on some 9x16" wheels and drove it every day but after 4 years without a roof I got pretty bored. That was the time on which I started searching for something new. I searched the whole www for a car that would perfectly suit me. I went out to have a look at several cars but found nothin'. Until that day, where i saw that perfect clean 4G Sedan on the internet. I searched the web for a few weeks and finally got this:

    - '91 ED3
    - 90 bhp
    - 89.000km
    - bone stock
    - mint condition

I got plates for it last friday so I am pretty new to the whole Scene. My plan is, to get it a lot closer to the ground and give it a nice and clean retro look. I also bought and ordered a couple of parts just like 8x15" Schmidt 'TH Line' wheels with a 25 and 12 offset, a set of D2 Coilovers and a few small parts like a new radio, window visors etc.

I really hope that I can learn a lot from you guys and I can't wait to show you the sedan so here you go with a few handy pics from the day that i bought it:


Welcome to the site, You sir have one of the cleanest sedans I've ever
seen.  Can't wait to see it on the new wheels, most people wouldn't do
Anything to it, but I like how u think.  Very Happy  oh and nice plates.

I can dig it  Cool

very nice sedan and welcome to the site!
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Holy shit that's beautiful. I don't understand how you guys in Europe keep coming across these mint sedans.  I look forward to what you make of it. But please for everything that is holy keep this thing clean.

Welcome that is amazingly clean cant wait to see where you take this.

this thing is amazing,Shocked to me it is too nice to do anything to it but change the wheels, (cause nothing is cool with factory hub caps). lol

Thank you all for the warm welcome.

Of course i will keep this little baby as clean as possible. I already picked up the wheels on wednesday and I got my steering wheel hub for my Nardy yesterday so i'm pretty sure that this is gonna be awesome.

Can anybody tell me how to remove the front bumper? I have to get rid of this license plate block thing!

Remove the turn signals on the bumper and there will be two bolts on each side you will see throght the holes. Also acouple of screws in the wheel Wells. Easy

There's another two bolts on the bottom

Forgot about those. I can guarantee most of us don't know about those cause most of ours cars don't have then by the time we get a hold of them. Laughing

Thanks again guys, your info helped a lot today. You can watch the result in my project thread!

Sorry I haven't welcomed you already, and will be watching to see what you make of this beautiful sedan. Very Happy

obviously she is got the cover right away!!! welcome to the site my friend! love the color, i had my first sedan with the same color as well. She doesnt have potential by the way...She IS potential lol SUPER clean and as my buddy EF SEDAN ENTHUSIASTE stated, Please for all that is holy, keep her clean!!!!!!! Forum Index -> The Intro...
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