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Mini RCz anyone?

Well I'm bored, and cant sleep Sad
So I found my Digi Cam when unpacking a few things, and figured I would I would share a Hobby that kinda has to do with cars lol

Well first its my Supra I unearthed from a lot of Junk in the attic.
I have had this since forever

As you can see the Supra is as low as i can get it, Im working on getting the body lower on the Chassis lol

Then there Are the new ones I picked up once i found the Supra, and the passion to build small RC cars was reborn.

Im working on a Honda Beat to slap on the Chassis, and looking for a CRX... but no luck Sad

Anyway, just thought I would share a bit of my nerd-ness  Very Happy

Awesome bro.

If only they made a sedan model Sad

Those are tight!

i got a 3 foot long enzo lol


I would like to see that Smile

I have a pretty bad ass Scion Tc!


I got a little apache that shoots missles! For real.

Jesterjones13 wrote:
I have a pretty bad ass Scion Tc!

Really? I just sold a Tc, do you have the wide kit on it?

I have got a bunch of ne tops and chassis, I will post them when I get a chance. Forum Index -> General Discussion
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