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Mikey's Project

Hello all EF lovers. I have a 90 sedan that I got about 7mo ago and decided to do some work to it but (kicking myself in the ass) did not take pics and document things as I went along. So I'm going to post a couple pics and the info of what's been done to her.

She has Koni yellow with ground control coilovers and top hats.
Wire Tuck
ICW wheels
Y7 bottom end with the z6 head converted to obd1
Mugen short shifter
Custom exhaust
Front lip
Roof rack.

I think she has a good stance and I have a few more items to purchase and install. So pretty much the only things I have left to do is hood bra and window visors.

Thanks for looking and any feed back is welcome.
Hope you all have an awesome EF'n day.[/img]

Nice, any engine bay pics?

Here is the engine bay.

Not 100% but will get there some day.


looks good

Right on looks good man keep it EFfective.

Thanks guys. Now looking at the white sedan up top of here I'm kinda digging the bumper with the fogs. Haha. Something to think about and do some research I guess.

They do look good I think they are prelude fogs people are using but im not 100% sure someone else would have to chime in on that.

Looks very good man

Looking good man.

looks good man i love the gsr blades Forum Index -> Project Logs
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