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megan racing coil over kit?

does anyone know if these are any better then the bay set?



Yea I'm pretty sure there better than ebay but by how much I can't tell you  Sad

I have these on my sedan, they drive well but if you go really low you'll notice your springs become loose around the shock absorber, and makes some weird noises when you drive through a ditch. Contact 4th gen sedan if you want to know more, he used these a lot I think.

thanks ...i have the bay set and they feel like shit they make a  weird grinding noise when i take off in 1st

To me they look similar to ebay ones, but I could be wrong. My car came on some obx R adjustables that also look like ebay ones, but I must say they are decent. They came on my car when I bought it and haven't changed them out yet. I like my ground controls that are on my Em1, and I would highly recommend them!

i have them. they are pretty bouncy but iv never had ebay coils to compare too or ground controls. they are decent enough for a daily driver who doesnt go through too many speed bumps or bumpy roads

kool cool thanks for the info and at  100 bucks them seem like a deal haha
Dolie ED3

I heard that they 10 times better then the cheap ebay ones! ask 4th gen sedan he has a lot of experience with them.
4th gen sedan

They are verry good for the money..Better than some springs if you want lower/higher.
But it's better if you get some Koni yellow shocks to..
This was my sedan "slammed'' on megan coilovers and some customized shocks.

Wheels 15x7 +38 with some 185-45-15 tires.

Wheels 15x7 +25 with some 165-50-15 tires

and my old del sol with Megan racing coilover sleeves on '89 accord front shocks**Same as WDY408)(1"left), rears @ 4th gen sedan shocks(customized) all the way down


datum those  wheels are dope!!

dayum **

I have that kit on my 90 DX, they're bad ass in my opinion. They've been on like 2-3 weeks so far. The roads around my place aren't that well maintained and I can still say they are worth the $120. Forum Index -> Suspension/Brakes/Wheels/Tires
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