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Mattes' first car from Bavaria...

Since 1986 I'm infected by the H-Virus...
I lost many friends since summer 2007. Especially one person I miss since then.
But I want a new-start. Back to life.

So I bought a new car.

It not makes so much fun like the ED7. But it takes me wherever I wanna go. So it's okay.
It has to be baptized on the Nürburgring Nordschleife like all my other cars.
Waitin for the summer....

some facts about the car:

1 year guarantee from salesman
big service I got for free
eight wheels
coupling device
143 PS
1996 ccm
four doors
a/c automatic
cruise control

and soooo many switches in the cockpit...

I like. Smile


Sweet, now slam it  Very Happy
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Nice car buddy. I can't even imagine what you've had to go through.

Hope your sedan is in good hands.

the most important thing in life is to be happy! And I'm up to do anything for it! So say what you want. I'm happy now! Can do many things for my mum, finally! And it makes me strong. Smile thanks for your posts. I still have my ed2. I hope my buddy will come around next week and take it. But in the part of germany, where he lives, is very very strong atmosphere disturbance! Many many rain and flood inf the rivers. I hope he's okay. Didn't hear anything from him since a couple of days... But he's very authorytative. It will work. I'm sure. I'm happy. Smile

My first car I bought was a 1989 M3. 2000-2003 when I sold it.

my uncle and autn had a E30. Now they have a E36.
I don't like those cars. Maybe a E30. But not E36...

We drove in a E30 with travel trailer 'til atlantic coast and back. It was great fun!
But those times are over.

This is my car. Now in good quality. No photos from smartphone. Photos taken with a high-quality camera...


hmm, it's not that pretty much, but I did something on my car... Smile



tenkaracole wrote:
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