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Mattes CRX ED9

Now it's official.
Yesterday I bought a CRX ED9.
Former owner was a woman, that was not much older than me.
She bought the car in 1991 in the age of 20. It was her first car. Bought from her first own money!
She drove it 'til four weeks ago without any problems.
It has ran 209.085 km.

Problems are
-exhaust is broken (sounds like a race car.. hrhr)
-shock absorbers make me feel, I'm on a boat Laughing
-timing belt is old. 8 years! and 9.085 km over the interval
rust at the wheelhouses behind... but that's normal here in Germany... hmm

should I part it out or leave it together?
Normally I was on the search for a good D16Z5 engine for me ED2 Sedan... hmm, but it's in a better condition, than I expected.
Some pictures.
Sorry, I still have no pictures while daylight

pictures from the advert:

my pictures from yesterdays evening:


As much as i'd like to see that twin cam engine in the sedan, i think you should keep it in the CRX. It looks real nice man. Again, congrats.

looks good, i like the bags in the back. lol

the bags in the back are the wintertires Laughing

niceeee Wink

The woman sold me that car, wrote me an email.
She's missing her car Smile

Nice find! I love OEM CRX ED9 88-89. 4G's from 88-89 are the nicest Wink

thx. New pictures:
from left behind to the antenna to sunroof on the right track, the right behind then the interior


two videos.
the first one:
cold engine. I just filmed how I park the car in the garage. And to check the sound of my exhaust Laughing

second video:
how I found out, that the mainrelais is broken.... hmpf

complete video Wink

Damn those are some big pics. lol

nice car.

today I did these works:

-repaired mainrelais
-repaired ventilation resistor (under the glovebox)
-checked the brakes. front left brake is the brake piston fastened (by rust? I don't know. I have to exchange it Sad )
-checked the exhaust system.... damnit! See the photos Sad

how it looks like under the CRX:

hot it should look like (my Civic Hatchback is giving this example)

LOL, you're going to have to cut that mother off!

Make your pics smaller man, it's killing me.

is 1024 too big for your monitor? I made them still smaller. MOre smaller? hmmmm.... okay. For the next page Wink

It fits good now, I had to clear my cache.

Love the CRX... I would snag one if i had the funds for it... Nice one! Forum Index -> Pics & Vids
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