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maroon bandit

hey everyone whats up??
figured Id start a build thread since u guys share the same passion as me Razz  Cool

in the beginning my baby recieved a b20

was lots of fun plenty of torque. it begun to smoke plus got strict smog here (I originally lived in arizona Cool  ) so I pulled it out for a smogable motor.

son helped pull it out

washed engine bay

since I was putting a d16z6 in there I converted it to obd 1

odd1 and obd 0 spliced
picked up a rebuilt z6 and hydro tranny

also a hasport hydr kit

dont like bling on my cars so I sanded etch primed then paint

much better  Cool

motor ready to go in

im the type if i can make it instead of buying it I will. needed to make a front motor mount bracket for traction bar

kids ride on bike got sacrifised lol lol

started fabricating bracket

mocked up wired to make sure its good and starts before i wrap it

almost ready for smog

good to go Razz

redid the suspension with polyurathane, neauspeed race springs and koni yellows,braided hose line, rear disk swap, front freshened up too no upgrades since its a ex

got it smogged Cool  but too slow for my liking, so I decided to add some boost Wink
more to come gotta load up pics

stock exhaust is waaay too small for boost so off it came

new 2.5 all the way back

originally it was on my hatch so had to extend the tip

started mocking up for downpipe to try and keep ac guy who sold me turbo manifold said it was ac compatable but it was not
Evil or Very Mad  so I tried to work around compressor

so after mocking up downpipe I soon realized not enough room between condensor and down pipe for fan even with half radiator Embarassed

so back to drawing board... this time no ac Sad  oh well dont use it much anyways

round 2

will post more later on.. thanks for looking Cool

test fitting

couldnt get weld in bungs local fast enough Rolling Eyes  so I used spark plug foulers instead Wink

also welded on bracket to bolt to block to support turbo

hooked to my exhaust. I need a high flow cat  Laughing

drain hooked up

charge pipes coming along. u can see in this pic Smile

looking good  Cool

decided I want to keep it low key so I recirculated my temp bov


scored on a new walbro on CL new for 30 bucks so I figured I would need one Laughing

old pump out

new pump in did the upgraded fuel pump wiring mod
kinda blurry
Embarassed  didnt come with connector so had to improvise Cool

for anyone who installs a walbro get the airtex fs121 sock for the fuel pump. it faces the right way like stock and will prevent any fuel issues like not getting fuel at 1/2 tank 1/4 tank that people run into Wink

all I need is some 440 injectors and a tune and I should be good to go...
oh yea not pictured but I switched from hydro back to a cable transmission.. updates will come as they are done Razz

Sweet build...(waiting for the video)..

thanks man Smile  its driving me crazy I wannna drive it soo bad
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Nice!  The bay cleaned up nicely.

Make sure you're not just using coolant hoses for your oil lines, especially with it sitting over the dump pipe like that, oil will soften the wrong type or rubber real quick, and you dont want oil leaking there!

Maybe even use some heat wrap on that section too?

thanks for all the nice comments guys Cool  

~Sp33~ thanks for the tips, I planned on wrapping my downpipe the oil line and making a header shield along with a turbo blanket Smile  just havent got that far yet  Laughing

ahhh yea look what santa brought me early Very Happy  Very Happy  now I can put my ac back in lol gets hot here Laughing  will update when I install them. got both on craigslist for $100 brand new Twisted Evil  Twisted Evil


Looking very good dude, nice project!

I hope you have a external oil cooler in mind. With the down pipe humping your oil pan like that, that poor thing is gonna cook itself otherwise! Forum Index -> Project Logs
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