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Made a trip to the Junk Yard... $80 + $25 = $105 Spent

Hit the yard and grabbed a few things for my cars...

New Arm Rest,w stock ebrake handle and boot, Fresh A pillers, new lower dash cover, trunk and gas door pop levers w/ soround, a rear view mirror, the little clips the hold your back seats in place (C clips), and 2 of the 4 pieces of door trim all for my integra

Grabbed a Mint Fender, a Pass side mirror block off plate and a Volvo 740 lip for my 90 4dr civic

Also picked up a mint condition Blue trunk lid, a drivers side speaker cover and rear seat belt clips for my girls 94 4dr civic

All for $80... cozt me $25 in Gas and a food... lol

(My old ICWs, lol. No 17s for me)


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