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So been gone for awhile but this what i been working on.

LS-Vtec b16 head itr pistons bored 20 over b18a1 block arp studs golden eagle lsv kit itr cams stock rods port and polish head port and polish 1st gen skunk2 intake.etc will have more pics and vid of her running and will have dyno sheets.

EF Sedan Enthusiast

Yeah this should be a monster.

thanks guys

same setup im working towards. lsv built right dominates.

Real nice engine bay, any better pictures?


Man so i had a bad ass lsv setup took it to a local shop called driven and had them do some work etc sooooo long story short they screwed me had lots of things wrong d series computer dizzy on upside down wrong fireing order arps didnt have washers wrong bore etc lots of crap so i got my money back and invested in D series again lol lsv is sold to buddy for cheap he gonna fix it but im working out my wiring and i just bought a z6 that has golden eagle sleeves and i picked up some cp pistons gonna order eagle rods soon and get a cam port polish head and bore and push 15psi daily Laughing Forum Index -> Drivetrain
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