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Ls Vtec???

Long time no talk guys...
I havent been on here for awhile...
but i have a quick question...
you guys should check this car out...

Click the link... What do u think about the rode bearings??
Hard to replace...
or shall i just find something else??

depending on how bad the rod bearing was spun the rod could be bad, crank could be bad, cylinder walls could be scratched, head could be damaged, piston could be damaged.

Or everything could be fine and put in a new bearing and your good.

only way to see how bad it is, is to open it up and see whats bad.

thanks, i appreicate it..
i dnt know too much engine wise..
but its good to get advice b4 makin a decision...

no problem, normally only the rod and crank are the items that get damaged but the others happen also.

if it was BARLEY driven with it, shouldn't have too many if any problems Forum Index -> General Discussion
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