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LS Swap

Hey guys haven't posted on here in a very long time but been busy. Got a 91 EX which I'm doing an LS swap. I have everything that I need. My question is what bracket do I use to keep my stock power steering and a/c. I have both brackets for the power steering from the DA and from my EX but, don't have the a/c bracket from the DA just my EX one. I know on the a/c one they say use hasport but I can't spend that kind of money on just a bracket at the moment. Any help would be great. Thanks.

i think that hasport bracket is would save you more, instead of getting custom a/c lines using DA a/c bracket, DA compressor, it'll be very cold

The thing is the DA didnt come with a/c so I dont have any of the components. All I have are my original a/c parts. Would my stock bracket fit on the b18? Would you know anything about the power steering bracket? Forum Index -> Drivetrain
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