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Joey f.

LS Swap won't start after a test drive. HELP =*(

.. welp its not very often I post about a problem with my EFs but this one has be stumped.

I did a LS swap on my 89 DX sedan and it started first try. The Fuel pump has been changed

I let her idle until the fans kicked on so it was idling for at least 20 minutes. I then test drove her around the block and went to fill her up with gas a mile from my house.

So after I get gas, I crank her up and head back to the house...This is where the problems began...the car started acting like it was running on only 3 cylinders... kinda sounded like a WRX with an exhaust lol. It would bog then clear up then start bogging again until it just started bogging continuously.

I limp the car home and the engine finally dies in the driveway.

I crack open the dizzy and see the rotor is super loose and the cap is pretty bad. So I think awww this is easy... I go to the auto parts store, and replace both the cap and button. I go to start the car and I hear a loud POP...and then the car just turns over but Car STILL wont start. Just keeps cranking.

I swap out the whole Dizzy with a known working LS dizzy I get from my LS CRX. and SAME thing... a POP when I try to start, then just start cranking over. I hear the fuel pump priming so I know the main relay is good. I know the Dizzy is good.

WTF could it be?! Could a clogged fuel filter cause this? How about timing? Could the T-Belt jump a tooth out of no where?

Im pretty frustrated... im hoping you guys can help me...

Does this 'pop' noise destroy the distributor?

Could be something as simple as your leads disconnecting from the spark plugs?

Are you throwing any codes?
Joey f.

Thanks for the help SP33, after having fuel, spark, and air... it was the engine Timing. ( I wish it was ignition)

The damn TBELT skipped a bunch of teeth (Really old TBELT I should have changed).. so basically I have 3 bent valves because I didnt take the time to check the TBELT when the motor was out.

Ive def learned my lesson!!!

Look at the spring on the right... valve doesnt extend all the way up

Rockers I just grabbed from the valve train.

Back to square one and putting another motor in. YAY.  Rolling Eyes

dam that sucks. Forum Index -> Drivetrain
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