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ls build

i came across a 91 b18a1 off a friend for 100 bucks. he told me the motor was blown, i bought it to do my first build. i picked up the head 2 weeks ago and tore it down to bare head, the valves werent scared or bent, black as night but nothing wrong with them. well i picked up the block 2 days ago and looked at it, and the factory hone is still on it. nothings wrong with it. the only thing wrong with it was it that it was out of time. and he couldnt getted it to start so he thought it was blown. so i got a motor cheap.

Plans are to tear it down to bare block and head get it cleaned and start getting parts for it. 11.0 to 1 comp pistons, stage 3 cam pro springs and tit retainers ss valves, port and polish the head blueprint the block. No vtech or boost. NA all the way!

Depending on how good it goes i might build my a6 thats in my 4dr now. who needs Vtech when u got horsepower!

have evrything priced now, tranny 400, rebuild kit 600, hasport conversion kit 600, cams 400, pro springs 150.

idk how much power you are trying to get but have you seen this? Forum Index -> Project Logs
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