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lookin for cheap ef header

like title says, lookin for a ef header because the one I ordered a year or so ago turned out to be a eg and hangs down to low. and id order a brand new one but don't have the money for the cost of a new one.

How much you got to spend? I'll try to see if i can help you find one in your budget! Very Happy

depends lol I can get egay ones cheap but would rather go thru a fellow member that way I know its a ef, went with egay an got a eg lol

What about the one on i told you about before? Confused  Like that cheap? $70 isnt bad. it says EX but should fit all trim. Confused

Unfortunately the ebay headers are going to be the cheap option. Unless you just keep the manifold you already have and have an exhaust shop just make you a new downpipe that doesnt hang as low. Forum Index -> For sale/Want to buy/Want to trade
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