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light blue ex!

this is the hell i saved it from. left to rot for six years!

the ever elussive ex!

this thing had literally been sitting in some old ladies yard for six years..

first things first! gotta make it run!

mmmmm multi port! no more of that dual point nonsense!


more to come!
Dolie ED3

damn! six years standing outside!bought my car also from a old lady !standing inside with 30.000 miles Cool good luck with it Very Happy love the ex.

i know right! mines got a grip of miles on it but i just got her running and she goes strong. the crtazyt thing is the body and interior are flawless even though it was sitting outside. thanks man
Dolie ED3

oh its running now!good for you man!yes you must give it a good wax and polish!get dropped some nice wheels and your good to go!that was the first thing i put my money on!dropped en wheels Cool

yeah im ordering some godspeed fullcoilover sets in like two weeks but im gonna just repaint the caps and roll slammed oem style

You should definitely keep those hubcaps i reckon they look better than most Honda Alloys, lol.

agreed i def love rollen oem all day. im planning on just tucking it the way it sits now with a nice old school volvo lip and then im just gonna go nuts on making it as flawless as possible. ive already started compiling parts for the swap! also ~Sp33~ i would legitematly like to rep ef squad you can count on me to be updating this thing no less than once a week! just get bacj to me on what else i need to do!

Just keep up your build thread, eventually if you're active enough it will happen.

this is the build thread right? lol

Not yet it's not  Razz

Keep your updates coming and it will be.
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Nice find and I agree about the hub caps.  Keep us posted and GL with the build.

Nice save man.
Looks super clean!
Can't wait to see what you do with it.

thanks guys! right after christmas shes getteing the new radiator and a good buff!

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