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KYB shock for ED4 sedan *** edited ***

hi all .

I want to lower my car with shock's of KYB and coilover spring.
My country is difficult to obtain parts for Civic 1991 sedan

Is the shock of the civic EG Sedan (92-95) fit's to 90-91 EF Sedan ?

I checked several places And they told me That the shock for EG sedan and EF sedan are the same and i can buy the shock for the EG.

If you can help me, I'd really appreciate it, does it fit ?

10X for your help

omri ..

The rear EG shocks will fit but you have to get EG forks in the front for the front shocks to mount.

Info on KYB's: My buddy had omni power coilovers with KYB shocks and it rode pretty smoot.

The ef chassis has way shorter front shocks than the other generations. They are also thinner which would require using eg front forks(as mentioned) in order to install them. Problem is, is that the eg front forks also sit a tad taller as well so you would have to lower the coilovers quite a bit in comparison to an eg to obtain the same drop heighth.

The rear struts wont be a perfect fit either. The strut forks on the rear are a tad wider than the ef strut forks and may require you to add washers/shims/spacers for them to fit snug.

Good luck on your search!

does the :"KYB 4 x GR-2 SHOCKS HONDA CIVIC CRX 89 90 91"

fits to the 91 civic ED4 sedan ?;hash=item5d2c52e4ac#ht_500wt_949

10X for help,


I believe i answered your question on the facebook group but just tp be sure yes that will fit.

yes you did..

10X man ... Forum Index -> Suspension/Brakes/Wheels/Tires
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