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K swap or SC'd D15/16?

So, I've really been thinking about an engine swap.  K series (k24/k20 head), or find a d15/16 with super low mileage and doing a supercharger on it.  The k series will be super expensive but will make right around 200 hp, but will run me almost 7k+, and can make easy hp, but the d series sc should just bolt right up with minimal internal upgrades and a good tune and still make 200.

Has anybody on here attempted a sc build?  I'm not aiming to make gobs of hp but the 95 hp I have now is well awful lol.

Love the sound of a super charger. Me relating.

SC single making 200 with minimal internal upgrades is a recipe for disaster sir.

K24 bottom with k20 head is alright, but you should get a bigger cam set to put more air volume into the bigger cylinders.
7k is about right. But the sky is the limit with those motors. 200hp+ is very achievable.

Back to the single.
From my experience, SC make great power. Although, they also take a lot of power due to the pulley system being "beefed up." You would be better off throwing a decent cam, valve spring, retainer, and valve set up. Good P&P, bigger throttle body, and better fuel system. Find yourself a good transmission or build one for that matter. SI final drive, ZC first and second, SI 3rd and stock HF 4th. That's a beautiful drag tranny seeing as you only meet half of 4th when dragging anyway. Or just get the transmission from a 88-89 Acura integra. If you source out the parts, that's a $500-1500 build.

Back to the K.
That setup alone will yield great power numbers, but Will also hurt the pockets. If you have the dough to spend then by all means do it!!! Nothing sexier then a sedan with a k series.
That's my opinion. Nothing really to say about the K compared to the question you had.  

160-200hp single cam hurting everything on the streets for 1500.
200-250hp K killing everything (including tires) for 7K+.


I'm fine with 200hp which is still a lot considering the weight of our cars and I love the sound of the super chargers, only reason I ask is a friend of mine has a jrsc just lying around and I have a guy who can tune really well.  He has a built FA2 turbo making 500+.  The k series, which would be awesome would require a lot of modification I would assume plus the 7k price tag for engine and tranny.
boosted ef2

I say single + supercharger unless ur set on the k series..most people now just do them cuz everybody else has one..Yea there fast but still super expensive... But its all about ur preference either way it will be sweet

Also try this if ur looking to get super charged

I think Im gonna go the Single+sc.  $7k+ is a lot of money to throw down, even though the k swap would be amazing.  Besides I dont have the time or resources to use when my car is getting built.  I'd like to have some money left over for a ruckus build Very Happy.  

Are there any links to this kind of build?
boosted ef2

Yea 7k + is alot just for the swap not including mounts ..and all the other parts u need and it adds up quick...

I have seen a few single cams with the kraftwerks kit but mostly k series cuz they just recently started offering it for d series ..I was gonna do this instead of the h2b but the kits were outta stock.. But u can make around 300 with sum vitaras and a good tune and supporting mods...

Its a k series but i love the way the charger sounds
boosted ef2

heres a d series with that same kit

Damn that thing sounds nice and looks quick. Made me Very Happy

The small displacement of the sohc is it's biggest weakness.

Your better off turbocharging, that's the best bang for your buck and much more reliable though turbocharging brings on its own set of problems.

You need more cc's to make good power with a supercharger.

Think hard about it.

The way a supercharger works is by spinning on a pulley to ram more air into your cylinders. Once your supercharger reaches max capacity it's done. That's all the power you will get, even if your motors fully built and tuned.

Your Achilles heel is now your supercharger, you can try for more power if you wish, but you cannot from your current supercharger.

After you pass max load on your supercharger and continue to push it further all your doing is ramming heat into your cylinders.

Causing harm and loss if power.

As for turbocharging it's fairly easy to increase turbo sizes by changing out turbos.

Running a turbo larger than your needs is perfect, too large will be worthless. Too small and all your doing is creating excessive heat just like running a tiny supercharger past it's capacity.

Large turbos with a semi built motor will yield some wild numbers, and will leave you room to cruise at medium rpms without going into boost . Therefore your mpgs will only decrease if your foot gets heavy.

As for Kswaps, the k24a2 will run you $2000 alone without a tranny. Take your time to find a lsd 6 speed and that should put you somewhere around. 5-6k for a complete swap.

Now I mentioned k24a2 because it already punches out 200 crank, just like the k20s in the si, rsx type s and so on.

The bigger block is what you want, unless your pro drag racing you want a k20. The bigger the block the more torque, and power but isn't suitable for high rpms unless your car is built. Even then it's not as reliable as a k20.

The reason why sport oriented cars like the rsx type s and civic si have smaller motors. When revving up to high rpms you begin to stress the block. This is why japan still favors the b16 over the k series. It's rod to stroke ratio is perfect for high power high revving applications.

Fun fact, the reason why ls vtec hybrids are always throwing rods through the block is because they aren't meant to be revved high like the vtec heads thrown onto them.

Their rod to stroke ratio is crap. If the b20vtec swap is so amazing the integra gsr would've came factory with a b20 block, but no it is paired with a b18.

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