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Just me checking in, nothing special.

Well my name is Ever, and this is my sedan.

it still has the stock d15b2 engine
the car is lowered on function and from type 1 coilovers
with top hats and other modifications to make it go lower
No camber kit on front and I dont remember what camber kit
i have on the rear but I modified it
so i could get even more negative camber
I got xxr 002 wheels 15x8 0 offset front
and 15x9 0 offset rear with 15mm spacers
Falken ziex tires 195/50/15 for rear
federal ss tires 195/45/15 for front.
Rhd converted. i dont know what else to list.
and thats my sedan for you guys.

Welcome ever. I just posted in another thread about wanting xxr wheels. If you don't mind can you show me some more pictures of your wheel / tire fitment ? Im looking at some 15x8 20 offset xxr 532.

Love the rack also.

I like it... But how offten to u go through tires?

I would venture to say that he doesn't go through any more than any other car on the road. Assuming his toe is set well the camber and stretch doesn't affect tires much. Myth busters episode.

i go through tires like if i had a regular set up. like the other guy explain is just a myth, and ill see if i can find better pics of the fitment.

jon_akers how about this picture? i dont really have that many pictures of my car

nice !

Welcome I saw that you took some abuse  from the squad on h-t about the camber but its what you like so keep doing what you like.

89 LX SOHC ZC wrote:
Welcome I saw that you took some abuse on from the squad on h-t about the camber but its what you like so keep doing what you like.

yeah Sad well is alright i guess this is a hate it or love it thing
and well im loving it Smile

Nice car man... everyone has an opinion, and the only one that counts is yours!  Looks good!

Thats all that matters is that you enjoy it if other people like your car its just a plus keep it up man.
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Yo yo yo.  Like I said in the sqaud's thread, I love it.  Not really feeling the rear visor but overall I think it's dope.  Hope you stay active on here!

yeah the rear visor is too round for the car but till i find a better one i guess ill be using this and thanks and of course ill do my best to stay active here. Forum Index -> The Intro...
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