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Just Bought 88 Civic LX

I jus bought this 88 civic lx for 200 bux w/ title.. the person i bought it from said it needed a head.... well to make a long story short, it needed a new motor... so i bought a d16y7 longblock for 250 and got it put in for cheap!!! by the way its a five speed and very clean for 200... tell me what you think nd feel free to shoot me some ideas, im new to the forum!!!

Future Mods
    tint for $100
          rainguard on windows for $50
          15 inch rims w/ new rubber comin this paycheck!!
          ebay coilovers and clear corners & nokya yellow HB

    Parts I would like to obtain
    1.civic oem hood bra
    2.brown or tan dash mat


welcome to the site.

looking forward to seeing some progress on this car.

any motor shots?
what type of wheels are you gonna get on it?

Looks pretty solid, get some satin black paint and redo all the black moldings and crap, it'll make the car look fresh.

congrats and welcome

Welcome to the site hope to see progress on your car the 88 is the best year.

$200 great price

I bought 3 cans of black satin paint for 3.50 a piece.... will post pics on thurs when i do the car!!!!


I have rattle canned a few rides in my day, but you may want to take a look at this

Check out the MOPAR link. Plenty of pics there.

I plan on trying this method out on my hood once I get a new one or get all the damage fixed on the current one.

Not a bad ride for the price though!

wal mart has flat black for 88cents they always run out of it!! just like there 1dollar degreaser! but they have different colors i used there white spray paint on my ek side skirts never chipped or discolored Forum Index -> Pics & Vids
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