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Josh's piece of crap Mx5

So here are a few pics of my other car. I bought the Honda as a daily and I'm in love with it but the mx5 is my work in progress. Aim to track this thing when it gets back on the road.

Since I can't be bothered going through 4 years of makeovers and directions, I'm going to skip to where I am now.

Bought the car about 4 years ago, slapped some watanabe's to it and an RSR exhaust and thought I was the boss.

Until this happened

An old man decided to drive into my car while I was cruising to get a pizza. Spoilers, I didn't get the pizza...

after a quick respray and new plastic, I got a front lip and a few other bits

Skipping right ahead lol, the car now has coilovers, a half cage, bucket, engine back exhaust with a Fujitsubo Legalis-R muffler, some Work CR-01's with Jubiride flares, an m45 supercharger running at 9psi and standalone engine management. Plus a whole bunch of other crap lol.

I'm learning to tune the car at the moment. When I'm happy with it idling at a decent AFR normally aspirated, I'll switch over to the supercharger and get it properly tuned and chuck the intercooler on etc.
Can't wait to hammer this thing.

love Miatas

Drove a buddy's boosted miata for the first time last week when he was drunk...pretty sure my next car will be a miata. It was such a blast....Love the hardtop look.

Owned on for alittle while. Really are quicker than what you think but a death trap if you ask me. None the less a blast to drive.

Gosh where to start with this car... A LOT has changed since I posted here last.

So first off, I ditched the cr-01's for a set of RS Watanabe Type-R's in staggered 15x8.5 -6 and 15x8 +0. A few little changes here and there but the big ones are under the bonnet.

I had the car supercharged for a while but found it to be horrible after the second week of driving. The whine was nonstop and ridiculously loud, was a cop magnet waiting to bait defect notices. The response, while initially more torquie than stock, dropped off after about 6k rpm. It felt lethargic to drive and long story short, I cut my losses.
Sold all the whole kit and bought a Nissan S15 Garrett T28 ball bearing turbo (GT2560R) as well as getting a kit fabricated.
It's currently being shipped from the fab guy and next week the car gets taken apart and resurrected as a 180kw at the wheel monster.

Oh and I bought OEM foglamps again LOL Forum Index -> Miscellaneous Pics & Vids
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