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JDMric*'s project from El Salvador (Part2)

Hi guys... maybe some of you know that I moved back to my country.. 4 months ago  for a new life Smile  I don't have the car yet but I'm looking for one.. my goal is to get an EDM with sunroof :p there's a lot of EDM cars here but its pretty hard to get a decent one and they go for 3,000 :S my plan was bringing the car to the E.S. but I couldn't because its too old so I brought all the parts and this is what I got.


nice to hear from you again. thats a lot of parts.  good luck on your new build.  buena suerte  

4dred6 wrote:
nice to hear from you again. thats a lot of parts.  good luck on your new build.  buena suerte  

Thanks bro!
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Hope you're able to find another sedan.  Are you happy being home?  Glad to see you starting another build thread.

PS.  Your headlights look awesome on my 4g4d  Cool

New life in El Salvador ? From U.S. ?
Usually it's the other way around...  Laughing

What is the oldest car E.S. allows to import ?

I think he said 2000. But i might be wrong
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Yeah it's something like that.  A lot of the countries down there have similar laws.

That is quite a collection of parts u have there... Good luck with the new build from below the border... Whats the scene like down there?

Wow, shit load of parts. Haha.

Damn so many parts. I hope you find a sedan soon. Can't let all those parts go to waste.

Good to seeing posts from you again I hope you find a sedan soon.
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Did you pickup that sedan you posted up on Facebook?

I reckon if you taped all those parts together you would probably have a whole sedan already.

nice  Cool

So what's up Ric, what have you been up to?

Wow that's impressive! Like opening a real life model. Just needs paint and glue!


Back from the dead?!?! Was looking for something but stumbled across this. Anyone know what happened? Forum Index -> Project Logs
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