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JDM reartail lights

I have a set of JDM rear tail lights for my 4dr ef honda civic. Here is a link of what I am talking about: They are currently in pristine shape, never used sitting in the back of my car's trunk. I am looking for a price match so that I can sell the things that way I can put the money towords my new motor, but my search keeps coming up that these lights are for an 88 hatchback. Are these lights for a different car, or is google just being retarded. would love to know. Smile

I hate to say this but those are not "JDM". In these parts, real " JDM " is actual OEM Japanese parts from Japan used by the Japanese. These you have are just tuner specials. Over in the for sale section there are plenty of rear tail light options to choose from. These will be better off selling on eBay and or Craigslist. And the ones you have look as if they are hatch tails. Smile

No that's fine, its helps me narrow my search down if I know the correct branding. I don't wont them on my car, their two flashy. Do you know what they would be running for when I post them on CL?

No idea Sad I have never priced up anything like this...sorry

ya they are hatch lights, and brand new in box are like 120$

thanks guys.

^^about $120 yes! Cool

EF4lyf3 wrote:
No idea Sad I have never priced up anything like this...sorry

10 15 bucks ??? Forum Index -> Interior/Exterior/Electrical
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