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JDM FL sedan front end to PFL front end?

I currently own a JDM EF3 Sedan.
Has the 1 piece jdm headlights with facelift front end.

and am thinking about changing it up to PFL front end as I can get glass headlights and am wanting to run an HID kit. As the one piece JDM facelift headlights are plastic, not sure if they would be suitable, plus they use an H4H bulb as far as I know?  (correct me if I'm wrong).

So heres the front end of my current car:

and am questioning if this front end swap is possible and what I would need to do to convert to this PFL front end (pics are of my previous 35M sedan I owned)

do the PFL headlights fit using my current radiator support etc? Are there differences in the radiator support frame from JDM FL to PFL?

I remember on my PFL, I tried to do a FL bumper swap and the mounts on the back of the bumper that bolt to the chassis were different, and I ended up giving up as it seemed a little more complicated than remove and re-fit.

Please give me some information please!

Not worth it man, you would have to cut the headlight buckets and radiator support off and re weld on the prefacelift one. All the front end panels are different as well as the lights.

A mate of mine ran HID's on his JDM front with plastic headlights and didn't have any dramas.

Yea, i've heard you can run the HID's with the 1 piece lights. I personally have not done it, but know some who have.

Any chance you would consider not running HID's in fluted lens headlights?  It does awful things to lighting and these cars have such excellent lighting to begin with.

Personally I do HID retrofit or nothing.  And never on fluted headlights.  But even then, I actually still think the stock lighting outperforms in most conditions. Forum Index -> Interior/Exterior/Electrical
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