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JDM B16A Swap?

So I read some topics on here that roughly told me what I need but I'm a little hazy still. I'll give some specs on my car first.

It's a 1991 Australian Delivered SOHC Dual Carb D15b4 powered ED3 manual Civic sedan.

I've been looking at doing a b16a conversion for a while and so far I've found a few JDM imported B16a manual vtec Honda CRX engines for sale with wiring loom, gear box and so on.

What will I need for the conversion? It sounds pretty straight forward but I was wondering if there will be any extra things I'll need since I'll be going from carb fed to electronic fuel injection.

this is what is needed on a usdm model might be the same on the AUS model

-motor and transmission

-swap motor mounts

-shift linkage

-wiring (i prefer obd1)

-you will have to make room
between the alternator and frame rail

-radiator hoses are a bit bigger

-exhaust flanges might not line up

-never had AC or PS so idk about that Forum Index -> Drivetrain
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