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Japanese Parts Importing

So, through my searches of the interwebs, I've come across a company that facilitates the everyday guy's need for importing Japanese parts.

There is a link to Yahoo Auctions that I've got narrowed down to Ef2 parts.
Essentially it is Japanese Ebay. You will have the best results with this site, if you use Google Chrome. Google Chrome is free to download, it is simply an internet provider (like Internet Explorer) but it is a thousand times better, as it includes Google Translate.
Below is the link to Yahoo! Auctions Japan:


Here is the third party site, that facilitates the purchase and shipment of our coveted Japanese Steel! I hope all this helps someone out!

Link to Import Monster:

The guys at Import Monster are incredibly professional, and helpful.

When you convert the prices of most parts, they end up falling under the $100 range. So with shipping, between 4 or 5 people, they tend to lessen the rate!

Thanks for this find brotha. I will be looking into this.
boosted ef2

cool stuff..any idea how to translate the site to english?

Google Chrome has an automatic translator Forum Index -> General Discussion
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