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It has begun...

FINALLY ordered some coilovers and found a short shifter for HELLA cheap.  Im looking for a catback exhaust system bc i already know the header/cat system i want but i cant seem to find a decent catback anywhere.  Everywhere I look they all say that they only fit the hatch. Where would be some good places/sites to look for a good catback???

Or just modify a hatch/rex exhaust to fit the sedan. What coilovers did you get?

I found this guy called Speed_Daddy on ebay, they are some of his cheap ass coilovers, they'll work for now. Im going to hold off on a legit susp until after the motor swap...

Thanks for the info! Thats generally what I've been hearing, to just buy a catback for a hatch. Theoretically it should "bolt right up" and just tuck the tip like 8" which is perfectly fine w me.

pics 11/8/10

So i decided to the ebay the FUCK out of it until I can afford a motor swap.  I just got so sick of seeing the damn thing sitting @ stock ride height. Got some cheap coilovers, 4-2-1 header, cat, and short shifter all courtesy of speed_daddy's online ebay store. Gunna order a catback next week. I can't stand those enkei wheels...


I think those enkies r pretty dope if u don't like them paint them, paint them black with a red pin strip. They kinda look like the k2 if ur on a budget painting ur wheels will make a big difference for a few bucks just my 2 cents GL keep up the good work

Thanks for the post Trust! Thats a good idea for the wheels i think im going to get some axis og san wheels and paint those.  All about fundage at this point Mad

post up some pics of ur ride man, would love to see it!
4th gen sedan

nice, but don't do the pinstripe @ the wheels Forum Index -> Project Logs
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