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Irish sedan

Might as well throw it up here.

Bit of background on the car...

I got it back in around 1999 or 2000 from my aunt for 100 pounds as a field car to mess around in, I did just that for a couple of years until it got a flat tyre and I never went back to it for some reason. It sat there in the field for around 3 or 4 years when I felt sorry for it so I hooked her up to the tractor and it limped into the shed! Twas in a sorry looking state after four years of cattle lying against it and grass looking through it.

Anyways, I intended to put it on the road so I had to get it goin. You'd imagine that after that long sittin in a field it was bound to have a problem startin but after a short charge she fired up no problem.

I started off by fixing the lights which were mostly broen at this stage. Rang a Honda dealer lookin for 600 + VAT for em, ended up gettin em in a scrappie for 60!!!

Then bought a set of alloys, at this stage, intending to use it for the odd track day..

I actually forgot the name of them, think theyrs wolfrace?? They look shit enough but they are lightweight and I got them for a bargain!! Old stock!
I also did a bit of panel beating and sprayin(with rattle cans) and fixed up the front wings which were in an awful state.

It was at around this point that I realised that the head gasket was gone. So I said screw it, b18 all the way!!!

Haven't seen her like this in a long while now!!

Its a teg gsr engine and for good reason. I eventually plan to fully rebuild the engine so buying a type R engine, for an extra grand just to throw out most of the parts that make it typeR just didnt make sense and 175bhp aint too shabby in my books!!

I also got a typeR gearbox, this gives me the lsd that a gsr doesnt have.

Car has beenlike this for a while!

Bought a hasport mount kit with a cable to hydraulic conversion. Handy!

Engine and box test fitted..

Have it all out again to finish off tightning bolts and a couple of little problems to be sorted(btw fits like a glove)

Bought a couple of things, was depressed one week  cos I I was getting nowhere with it so just a little retail therapy!


Im trying to sort out the maze of wires/pipes/sensors. Driving me mad

Gave her a wash the other day, couple of pics(still engineless here)

One of my lttle rust spots(I wont show the big ones)

Copied and pasted from another forum so sorry if parts of it dont make sense!!

Atm, the engine and box are properly bolted in, with nothing connected. Need to sort out fuelling/hubs/wiring, the list goes on!!

If im honest im a little lost and finding it hard to research info for what im doing. This is the first time ive even looked under the bonnet of a car, well almost! Ive done alot of repairs on tractors but this is a whole different ballgame. I'll get there eventually though!

Alot done but a HUGE amount more to do, Ha
Very Happy

looking like a fun swap.

welcome to the site. Very Happy

i like it nice set up, just the rust sucks.... good luck on the projector

nice project!
and like every sedan: The problem with the rust Sad

That would be fun........ Hope you get it runnin' soon.

What a base ha ha
Good luck with it Paul.. Do you need a hand with any bits?

thanks for the comments lads!

@c-rex I need a hand with a lot of bits lol!!

great job always good to see motor swaps in the sedan... Very Happy Forum Index -> Project Logs
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