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Ive been on here for a while now and was really bored so im trying to use photobucket for the first time. I was first introduced to the sedan world when I.was 12 years old. My older brother had a almost flawless 91 sedan with rims, exhaust, and system. I can rember what the car was clearly in my mind. My car is really completely different and will post pics soon but here it looked like and sat for months a year ago

Car used to look like this but is totally different

I have slips instead of red rotas now, side markers, rear fog, rear disc brakes, etc. yada yada.... Will post current pics and list of all boxes and boxes of edm and jdm crap I have but lets see if these pics show up.. Fyi everything is done from my phone so its not pwrfect

The wheels look good , and cant wait to see all the other goodies you have. Its late but welcome to efcs lol
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Sweet, can't wait to see some current pix.

I too was about 12 when I fell in love with these sedans.  My best friend's brother's best friend had a white LX slammed on some chrome 17"s with a bangin system (mind you it was 96).

Nice, cant wait for current pics. Forum Index -> The Intro...
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